Power and Machinery 

» Generators, Compressors & PumpsPicture13

» Gas and Diesel Generator

» Emergency generating sets

» Prime power generating sets

» Power Plant Solutions

» Mechanical marine propulsion packages

» Industrial and marine engine drivers

» Generator refurbishment work

» Reciprocating enginesPicture16

Control and Instrumentation

» Distributed Control System

» AGC (Automatic Generation Control)

» Fire and Gas System

» Metering  Station

» Field Instrumentations 

Process Equipment PackagesPicture4

» Produced water treatment system

» Water Injection System

» Gas Dehydration System

» Chemical Injection System

» Fuel Gas Treatment System

Accessories & ComponentsPicture4

» Routable Exchanges and Spare Parts

» Hot Gas Path Parts:

Bucket, Nozzles,

Shrouds,Transition Pieces,

Combustion Liners, Fuel Nozzles,

Nozzle Tips, Swirled Cross Fire Tubes,

Retainers Flow Picture18Sleeves, Bullhorn Brackets

» Installation Hardware:

Nuts, Twist Locks,

Bolts, Lock Plates,

Screws, Seals, Studs,

Brackets, Plugs,

Shims, Pins,

Lock Wires, Keys Inserts

» Instrumentation & Controls:

Thermo Switches, Spark Plug Leads,

Spark Plug Assemblies, Meters,

Gauges, Relays, Cables/Wires,

Control Cards Flame Scanners,

Fire Detectors, Gas Detectors,

Pressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors,

Vibration Sensors, RTD’s