Oil and gas will continue to be society’s most important energy sources for many years. Climate change and a growing demand for oil are opening up new business opportunities. SAOFSB is in a position to seize these opportunities by utilising long-standing core capabilities from the Oil & Gas industry.

SAOFSB has embraced the principle of division of roles/responsibilities between the client’s line management and procurement function in order to meet the requirement for good control and to achieve the best possible agreements. The company will always increase its awareness and improve transparency relating to integrity and social responsibility in the supply chain, which the company will  cooperates closely with its clients to ensure that the safety policy is clearly communicated and is understood and complied with.

SAOFSB believes that its results and behaviours are of vital importance to its client’s success.

SAOFSB is professional, truthful and fair, but also as a challenging and demanding.  The company  aim to challenge its client and work together in order to achieve the target and hope, this creates the value for both parties and shows that they care about each other.