The IML Group was founded in Milan in 1904 and in more than 100 years of history and the company is now recognized as a market leader in in engines, energy and parking systems.Their headquarters and plants are located at Lomagna in the Province of Lecco.

The IML Group’s products are at the forefront for environment friendliness and contribute in a significant way to the improvement of the quality of life of the users.

The IML Group’s operative companies:

The IML Impianti S.r.l:  Intergen

Deals mainly with production and conversion systems for electrical energy (7 – 5,000 kW stand-by and base-load generating sets, 15 – 3,500 kW marine generating sets, 80 – 1,600 kW uninterrupted power supply (UPS), power plants, co-generation plants with gas and diesel engines and turbines.

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All systems are factory tested. 

Over 50 years in the energy sector, Intergen products and systems are suitable to solve various problems encountered in the construction of plants for the production of electricity and thermal energy.  Learn more…